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Welcome to Helms Deep of DOA

We are an alliance in the Dragons of Atlantis Facebook game.  We stand for peace.  Our desire is to play the game against the game, not other players.  We do not raid other players unless they are not in a guild and we have tried to establish they are inactive.

To facilitate our peaceful play, we seek to forge peace agreements with like minded alliances.  We have many such agreements and are always seeking more.  Our peace agreement with an alliance does not mean we have a military backing agreement, only that there is no aggression between us.  As such, if two alliances we have peace with are at war, that is not our concern, we will not become involved.  Only if a true pact of military support is formed would that come in to play, but as we seek peace, that is not our standard practice.

Make no mistake, this does not mean we are weak or will roll over and be farmed.  We will try diplomacy, and then we will apply force.  We are not victims, we will not be abused.  If you leave us in peace, you will not deal with our wrath.

Ebonweaver is overlord, and master of this site.  Contact him here or in game for any member needs, diplomatic relations, or treaty concerns.  If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Ebonweaver to discuss joining.  We are not seeking members actively, and will be very particular about who is let in.  If you are not prepared for a prolonged application discussion, don't bother applying.
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